With the advantage of snow accumulation, our hotel is located in the middle of 3 different tracks, which are opened for the first and closed for the last in the season. Also, our hotel is located in the middle of 3 chair lifts, which comfortably positioned at the transition point to all tracks in the 1st and 2nd zones.

You can reach the First area by going through Cennet Kaya or Osman Yüce tracks or to Second Area through İtalian Track conveniently (on foot, without the need for transportation) and enjoy the pleasure of skiing.

The Motto of "Personalized Luxury Service" is the main ambition of our professional and friendly staff, who came together to offer you the best service during your winter holiday, from the first step you took to our facility.

Our hotel is located in the pine forests at the highest point of the 1st development zone of the white paradise Uludağ, which has a 17 km track length and 14 chair lifts, and stands out with its mountain hotel architecture.


The lift exits of the facility, which is at the "0" point of the Karkay Chairlift, Cennetkaya Teleski, Osman Yüce Pist chairlifts, have an extra charge, and the facility is included in the single card system offered for a fee. Daily, 4-hour or single-use tickets can be purchased online or at the box office. Except for the seasonal subscription card service, which will start in the 2021-2022 season, covering all the tracks listed below;

  • Karkay Chairlift
  • Cennetkaya Chairlift
  • Osman Yüce Track Chairlift
  • Mine Chairlift
  • Kırkgözler Chairlift
  • Monte Baia Chairlift
  • Karinna Chairlift
  • My Mountain
  • Dairy Chairlift
  • Fahri Chairlift
  • Belvu Chairlift
  • Kuşaklıkaya Chairlift
  • Beceren Chairlift 1-2
  • Alkoçlar Chairlift
  • Kartanesi Chairlift
  • Body Dressing Chairlift
  • Italian Chairlift
  • Tutyeli Chairlift
  • Yazıcı Chairlift

Moreover, Night skiing, which will start in the 2021-2022 season, will take place on the Italian track.