You can take lessons from instructors who are Olympic skiers at the ski school located on site, and watch your children's training while tasting special delicacies at the SKADI Cafe, which opens to the ski training area of the hotel and hosts a rich menu and world cuisine.

Göksay Demirhan is the son of one of our national skiers, Muzaffer Demirhan, who followed his father's footsteps for many years… Göksay Demirhan runs the Olympos Ski School in Uludağ 1st Hotels Region… The walls of this precious school, which leaves a 'Muzaffer Demirhan Museum' taste on the palate, are also Yeşilçam and the period's walls. It also mirrors the colorful and famous years of Uludağ, where the stage stars come from. Having started skiing at the age of 12, Muzaffer Demirhan, nicknamed "MADIN OF THE MOUNTAINS", became the Turkish Champion for 21 years without interruption and broke a record that is hard to reach in the history of Turkish sports by wearing the national jersey 119 times.