Gastronomy is much more than food for us, we consider it as an art form. It is not just to taste the food, but to explore, experience and go on a journey with it. Get ready for a unique Gastronomy journey in our WALHALLA Restaurant with a rich menu of carefully prepared gourmet flavors from Turkish and World cuisines. Healthy cooking methods are prioritized in food production throughout the facility. As a general principle, we use the contemporary seasonal products in our kitchen.

You can watch your children's skiing practice while you taste special delicacies at SKADI Cafe, which opens to the ski training area of ​​our hotel and hosts a rich menu and world cuisine.

07.00-10.30 Breakfast
12.30-14.30 Lunch
17.00-18.00 Cafe Break/Five Buffet
19.30-21.30 Dinner
00.00-01.00 Night Soup / Catering Buffet

Our hotel offers open buffet breakfast, open buffet lunch, five buffet, open buffet dinner and night soup. In the morning, lunch and dinner, unlimited local soft drinks are served free of charge within the brands determined by the facility.

Our hotel serves with the concept of Full Board Plus.

The hotel's cafe named SKADI belongs to a private business and the service to be received here is not included in the Full Board Plus concept.

Food is free at Cafe Break, five buffets, and night soup buffets. There is a children's buffet for lunch and dinner.

All drinks are served in the Lobby-Kar Bar between 10.00-00.00 for a fee.

There is live music in the lobby and by the fireplace on certain days of the week between 18.12.2021-31.03.2022.

The minibars in the rooms are filled with water free of charge every day. The tea and coffee set in the rooms is replenished daily free of charge. Room service offers a variety of food and beverages 24 hours a day for a fee.

If guests who have special sensitivity to food products (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, diabetes, etc.) inform the Guest Relations team 24 hours before the check-in day, special food products can be offered free of charge, depending on their requests. Breakfast and meal meals are served as a set menu with rich content during periods when the guest density is low.

Necessary preparations are made to sterilize the food products delivered to the Guest Relations team by the guests with babies and to serve them at the time and degree requested by the guest, and they are served to their rooms free of charge.